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Does this trap Ez contain poisonous products? Why should you choose EZ mouse trap over ordinary mouse trap?

No, it does not. The formula in it is organic in nature and non-toxic. It’s different and safe from ordinary pesticides.

This product does not cause any kind of accidents while using or handling. You only have to do one thing place this package somewhere on the floor and let the magic happen on its own.

You can dispose of the Trap EZ once the mouse is being caught by simply dumping the trap into the dustbin.

Yes, it is safe for children. There’s no chance of leakage of the material or any other skin reaction.

You should use it because it has various leverages over the ordinary product. It is 100% safe for pets, children, there is no poison or toxin in it and there’s no risk of any accident.

Customers can return the product “Trap EZ” within 14 working days and after that any return won't be accepted.

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